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Carlos Santiago
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I love to draw and paint.  I started drawing at a young age...mostly superhero's like Batman or Superman or a new hero that had just hit the newsstands... Spiderman!

Most of my practical experience came during school hours...and I do mean "during". Actually during almost every class.  I wasn't that great...but I worked at it.
Most of the time I sucked, and continued to suck until my early twenties, when I started taking it a little more serious.  I started experimenting with paints.   Lo and behold...after years of hard work and no formal art education!....I still suck!  
See for yourself....

Space Commando (one of my first original heroes) - 1979

Robot Family (the baby's got her eyes!) - 1982

  My son Jon at age 2 -1983                        He's 20 now!

Billy Joel in the late 70's (before his haircut) - 1985

An oil painting of Indy I still haven't finished! - 1987

Stork and Babies - A sign painting gig I took in the 90's. This was the preliminary painting. The actual painting was a double sided 20'x24'
sign - see below

WOW!  I feel so little!

Batman (computer graphics) - 2001

There's a lot more but who cares really!!!! No one's going to be looking at this web page anyway!  I'll update this page every now and then with different paintings!