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Carlos Santiago
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Brushmasterc 1986
Brushmaster and B.T. (Brushmaster Transport)

I created Brushmaster back in 1986. I decided to use him and all the little evil villains I created for a children's dental health program.  I was in the Air Force at the time.  I wrote and directed a couple of Brushmaster videos and designed a display.  Brushmaster was a smashing success.  The number of requests for appearances grew every year.  Children would wave and holler and call his name as he drove down the streets of Biloxi Mississippi. (hey...I did grow up to be a super hero after all)!

Here are pix of memorable moments:

Cover for Brushmaster Coloring Book

Brushmaster equipped with his bracelets of floss and fluoride ray gun! I know it sounds Korny...but the kids loved it!

Dr. Decay, Brushmaster & Candy Cane

Dr. Decay
Just one look at this guy made kids want to brush their teeth!

Here is a gallery of Brushmaster Villains




Brushmaster and characters associated with Brushmaster are registered with the U.S. Copyright office. Copyright 1986 Carlos A. Santiago